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New Album: Bassist Zachary Swanson & Trio Xolo, In Flower, In Song

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New Album: Bassist Zachary Swanson & Trio Xolo, In Flower, In Song

Bassist Zachary Swanson & Trio Xolo, In Flower, In Song…

In Flower, In Song is the debut album from Trio Xolo, an improvising group composed of Mexican-American bassist Zachary Swanson, Baltimore-based saxophonist Derrick Michaels, and Lithuanian percussionist Dalius Naujo.

With a telepathic ear toward musical interplay, Trio Xolo performs free-flowing stream of consciousness improvisations. The result is true, in the moment composition. The trio moves together dynamically as their voices simultaneously overlap and converge into one.

In Flower, In Song was recorded live in one room and unveils a warm, organic sound: Swanson’s distinctive use of gut strings produces a dark, woody tone, and Michaels draws robust color from a vintage saxophone, and Naujo expresses a nuanced control of energy and dynamics. Through explorations of melody, atmosphere, and texture, they can either embrace or dispel the traditional hierarchy of the trio format. At its core, Trio Xolo creates music that seeks to capture the essence of the moment through deep listening.


1. Texcoco 4:50
2. In Ruins 3:53
3. Anchored in Peace 5:55
4. Ritualistic 5:17
5. A Mobius Strip 6:16
6. Cropsey 2:12
7. Gravesend 4:43
8. Vantablack 3:01
9. Obsidian Eucalyptus 6:58

Total Time 44:00

Zachary Swanson – Double Bass

Release Date: August 19, 2022, on 577 Records

Recorded March 19, 2019, by Michael Perez-Cisneros at Big Orange Sheep, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by Michael Perez-Cisneros
Mastered by Jon Rosenberg in NYC

Painting by MiHee Kim Magee
Graphic design by Sergio Vezzali

Compositions by Zachary Swanson, BMI

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