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How To Play Bass Guitar In 50 Songs Module 1

How To Play Bass Guitar In 50 Songs Module 1

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How To Play Bass Guitar In 50 Songs Module 1

How To Play Bass Guitar In 50 Songs Module 1

Do you think you can learn the bass guitar in 14 days? Or 7 easy lessons?

If so, How To Play Bass Guitar In 50 Songs Module 1 is definitively NOT for you.

Learning any skill from scratch takes consistent practice over a period of time.

For bass guitar beginners, this problem is compounded by the fact that the bass guitar is such a young instrument and there’s no learning method developed – and honed – in the world of classical music that can be lifted to teach the bass guitar. The early bass guitarists were either guitarists asked to double on electric bass, or double bass players who switched to electric bass due to the better amplification available.

But if you’ve studied pedagogy in classical music, you can take that approach and apply it to bass. That’s what the 5 Module series of How To Play Bass in 50 Songs is based on.

Here’s what’s covered in Module 1:

  • First steps in plucking hand facility (two finger rest stroke).
  • Fretting hand facility.
  • Whole note, half note, quarter note and quarter note with quarter note rest rhythms.
  • First four lessons in fretboard mastery.
  • First two “80-20 devices” from the 80-20 Bass Library.
  • Common chord progressions.
  • How to create a dynamic practice schedule.
  • 8 practice songs based on the kind of chord progressions you’ll find in the real world. These practice songs are ‘graded’ in exactly the way classical piano pieces would be, and are practical applications of previous theory and facility exercises. (The remaining songs will be spread over Modules 2 to 5).

Based on where you are on the bass, right now, as you’re reading this, this Module contains the equivalent material to between 10 and 20 face-to-face lessons with a good bass teacher.

The point is…a good bass teacher will charge $75 and up for a 30-minute/45-minute lesson. So even if there were only the equivalent of 5 face to face lessons in this book (so equivalent to $375 in teacher’s fees), you should be able to make a value judgment on this volume as it’s less than half the price of a face to face lesson.

Additionally, there’s an “online” version of the book with the majority of the musical examples filmed and presented at two tempo levels and with picture-in-picture editing so you get close-ups of the fretting hands and plucking hands and don’t need to get distracted by “pretend” bass faces. (Go onto most YouTube bass videos and you’ll quickly see what a ‘pretend’ bass face is). That online version is free: just email/forward me a copy of your Amazon receipt (to paul(at) as soon as you’ve purchased the book and I’ll add you as soon as I see the email and will let you know how to log on to this. Please note: Amazon marketplace orders or orders from second-hand booksellers do not qualify for the bonus, online version.

There are also over 200 MP3 practice tracks to download to help you with the different practice exercises in this volume. You’ll find those on the individual lesson pages in the online version of this volume.

As far as I’m aware, this is the first song-based method for bass guitar beginners that’s been developed. If you really want to start learning the bass then get Volume 1 now.

How To Play Bass Guitar In 50 Songs Module 1 is available at

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