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The Science of BITE Headstocks

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The Science of BITE Headstocks

The Science of BITE Headstocks

In this new video, @TheGuitarGeek explains the design variations and science behind BITE headstocks.

The headstocks of Austrian custom bass builder BITE Guitars have raised quite a few eyebrows since BITE hit the bass world in 2019. Not only for their signature bite but also for their growing number of variations: 2+2, 4-in-line, 2+3, 4+1, long 2+2, who can count them all?

Here’s who: Guitar Geek Andy Ferris, who runs one of the world’s go-to gear channels on Youtube. In this new video, Andy gives a complete overview of BITE headstocks and logos. He also reveals a real piece of science in the headstock design which is not visible to the casual eye but crucial for the distinctive BITE loudness and sustain.

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