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New Gear: Cort GB-Modern Basses Offer New Take on Timeless Design 

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New Gear: Cort GB-Modern Basses Offer New Take on Timeless Design 

Cort GB-Modern Basses Offer New Take on Timeless Design…

Cort Guitars introduces its GB-Modern bass guitars, offering just the right blend of timeless design and modernized features. The GB-Modern 4 (4-string model) and GB-Modern 5 (5-string) each offer a surprisingly lightweight design for improved comfort, as well as specification enhancements that further improve their playability. J-Bass enthusiasts will find that the GB-Modern bridges the gap between classic and contemporary, packaging together the best of both worlds in an attractive build with excellent tone.

One of the first things players will notice upon picking up a GB-Modern bass is its lightweight body. Cort took a clever approach in planning a 34-inch scale body (35-inch for 5-string) that reduces weight, and player fatigue, without carving out large sections of wood. The result of these efforts is a maple body core paired with lightweight paulownia wings. On the top, there’s a gorgeous poplar burl in a choice of Open Pore Vintage Natural or Open Pore Charcoal Gray finish. While each individual GB-Modern will vary slightly as they are each made of unique pieces of wood, the GB-Modern 4 averages a weight of 3.5 kgs (7.7 lbs.) and the GB-Modern 5 tends to weigh in at about 3.8 kgs (8.3 lbs.).

The GB-Modern’s strong foundation becomes even sturdier at the bolt-on neck. A spoke nut Hotrod truss rod ensures smooth and precise setting, so players can dial in the exact amount of neck bow depending on their technique and playing style. Regardless of whether they prefer clean/pristine or guttural/growl, the roasted maple neck and fretboard (15.75-inch radius) provides the ultimate playground to run rampant. The maple is treated in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature, which enhances stability, provides for a bolder tone, and develops a golden-brownish look for vintage appeal. The 22 frets have black squares with Luminlay side dots that make it easy for players to see the fretboard position when performing on dark stages.

Lightweight hardware further balances the GB-Modern bass guitars. The FCH (Full Contact Hardware) bridge by Babicz® provides for increased dynamic range, improved sustain, and pitch stability. Its double saddle housing lock feature assures the string action and intonation adjustments remain secure, even when removing strings. The nut width of the GB-Modern 4 measures 1 ½-inches, while the GB-Modern 5 measures 1 ?-inches. At the headstock, Hipshot® Ultralite Tuners, with 20:1 tuning ratio and aluminum string posts and mounting nuts, further reduce weight and improve tuning accuracy. 

With playability optimized, Cort sets the stage for ultimate tone. A Nordstrand® Big Single Pickup Set paired with MarkBass® MB Instrument Pre preamp system doesn’t disappoint. True to J-Bass form, Nostrand’s Big Single is a single-coil pickup packed into a soapbox cover that uses a large magnet load to pack a punch. Big Single winds up and delivers monster tone. The pickup set is paired with the MarkBass® MB instrument preamp, an ultra-compact circuit with tone controls designed not only to enhance frequencies, but to also give a unique, rich response when you boost/cut them. Overall, the MB preamp offers a wide range of wiring/application options and works either at 9V or 18V, with low power consumption for an exceptionally long battery life. Passive and active modes, activated by the push/pull tone knob, help to ensure players never run out of battery juice.

To protect the GB-Modern, Cort includes a Deluxe Soft-Side Case, combining the best attributes of a hard case with the flexibility and portability of a gig bag.

For 20 years, the GB Series has been one of the most popular in Cort’s bass lineup. The Series continues to evolve with the GB-Modern 4 and GB-Modern 5, serving the demands of today’s complex playing styles and the needs of musicians who push forward while honoring the past.

GB-Modern 4:

MSRP US$2,199.99
MAP(Street) US$1,499.99

GB-Modern 5:

MSPR US$2,299.99
MAP(Street) US$1,599.00

Learn more about the GB-Modern bass guitars online at

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