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Review: Cort Elrick NJS 5

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Review: Cort Elrick NJS 5

Cort Elrick NJS 5 review…

I have always been very impressed with both Cort and Elrick basses at all the NAMM shows I have ever attended. I was very excited to learn that these two amazing bass manufacturers have teamed up for this special line of NJS basses and I was stoked to give one a whirl.

In this video, I will take a close look at one of the five-string models (there is a 4-string option available) and bring you all the details.

Here is the Cort Elrick NJS 5!

  • Spoke with Rob Elrick, and he had a few clarifications:
  • Elrick has again partnered with Cort to mark the 30th anniversary of Elrick Bass Guitars, not the 30th anniversary of Cort.
  • The preamp also includes an active/passive function and a mid-frequency selector. Both functions are accessed by push/pull potentiometers on the volume and mid-frequency controls respectively.
  • The bass comes with a gig bag, not a hard case.

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