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Ben McKee, Bass Beyond Imagination – January 2023 Issue

Interview With Bassist Ben McKee…

Ben McKee, Bass Beyond Imagination – January 2023 Issue

My five-year-old grandsons’ favorite band just happens to be Imagine Dragons, with bassist Ben McKee.This band’s accomplishments speak for themselves as they have been immensely popular all around the globe and with good reason… They play great music!

As you might imagine, I was super stoked for the opportunity to chat with Ben. Besides being an amazing bassist, he is very socially active sitting on the boards for three non-profits and championing worthy causes.

Join me as we hear all about Ben’s musical journey, how Imagine Dragons came about, the gear he uses to get his sound, and plans for the future.

Here is Ben McKee!


 Cover photo, Matt Eastin / Landscape photos, Eric Ray Davidson

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