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Gear News: Aguilar Unveils New Look to Ever-Popular All-Analog Circuitry Pedals

Gear News

Gear News: Aguilar Unveils New Look to Ever-Popular All-Analog Circuitry Pedals

Iconic Aguilar circuitry gets a fresh new look! New for 2023, Aguilar has taken the pedals that you know and love and given them a fresh, sleek new look. Featuring original artwork, compact pedalboard-friendly matte black chassis, and premium machined knobs, these pedals house Aguilar’s iconic all-analog circuitry, tone, and performance under the hood. Available in a wide variety of flavors from the deep, synth like texture of the Octamizer, to the lush bucket-brigade tones of the Chorusaurus, Aguilar’s effect pedals are designed from the ground up to bring inspiration to your music.

The refreshed line-up includes;

  • Fuzzistor– Vintage-inspired bass fuzz pedal that conjures 70’s distortion vibes and beyond.
  • Agro– Bass overdrive pedal with a wide range of tones, from tube-style distortion to all-out grit-and-grind saturation.
  • Grape Phaser– User-friendly, fat and funky two-knob analog bass phaser.
  • Filter Twin– Dual-envelope bass filter pedal that offers a range of tones from classic 70’s funk to new and original filter tones.
  • Octamizer- Analog Octave Bass Pedal with Independent Clean/Octave Volume and Filter Controls.
  • Chorusaurus- All-analog, lush and organic sounding bucket-brigade bass chorus pedal.
  • TLC Compressor– Proprietary compression for flexible, transparent, studio-quality compression.

“Since the beginning, Aguilar effect pedals have built a reputation for delivering rich, inspired tones designed for the needs of bassists, regardless of the genre they play,” stated Jordan Cortese, Brand Manager for Aguilar Musical Instruments. “Continuing our philosophy of inspired engineering into the future, we’re excited to re-introduce these iconic designs to serve the next generation of bassists and the music they’ll gift to the world,” added Cortese.

Ranging in price from $199.99-$249.99 all of the second-generation Aguilar effect pedals can be found at your favorite Aguilar dealer. Learn more at

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