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New Album: Seacrest Oy, The Works

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New Album: Seacrest Oy, The Works

Seacrest Oy, The Works, featuring bassists Jan-Olof Strandberg, Paul Jackson and Michael Manring.

Seacrest Oy will release Strandberg Project’s “THE WORKS” cd- box on March 1, 2023. Strandberg Project was founded in 1995 shortly after the release of the album “At The Music Box” and the band’s first tour was in Sweden in 1996. The idea was to collaborate with different musicians from different genres and create something new together.

The Works contains 4 CDs:

“Creativity” was mainly recorded in 2022. The album contains both studio and live recordings. The latest studio recordings were made in November 2022 with Juhani Aaltonen (Tasavallan Presidentti).
“The Nordic Treatment” contains material from recordings made with Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock). Paul visited Finland a total of four times as a guest of the Strandberg Project and during these visits, a lot of recordings were made. In 2022, all existing material was carefully reviewed and remixed and edited. The now-released album represents the fruits of the collaboration.

“Made In Finland Updated” represents perhaps the most progressive side of the Strandberg Project, with Kimmo Pörsti on drums and as co-producer. Michael Manring, one of the world’s most respected bassists, and Jenny Darren from England, with whom the group did two tours in addition to studio recordings, are also guests on the album.

“Progressive Construction” is Strandberg Project’s band album from 2018. On the album, keyboard player Jukka Gustavson (Wigwam) also plays a significant role as a composer.

The WORKS feature the following musicians (among others):
Paul Jackson, vocals, bass & keyboards
Jan-Olof Strandberg, bass (4,5,6 string bass, fretless bass & upright bass) Sami Virtanen, guitar
Jukka Gustavson, keyboards & vocals
Jartsa Karvonen, drums & percussion
Michael Manring: fretless hybrid bass
Matias Kupiainen: guitar
Juhani Aaltonen, flute

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