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Spotlight Interview: Mark Smith from Bass North

Mark Smith from Bass North…

It is with great pleasure that I get to interview Mark Smith from Bass North a specialty high end bass guitar and bass accessory shop located in Ontario Canada.

I have always been a big fan of self-starters and people who are really passionate about what they decide they want to accomplish, the things they have always dreamed of and Mark Smith from bass north is one of those people.

Having had years of experience in a totally different business and having that burning feeling of taking a leap of faith into the field of high-end specialty basses in order to serve and fill a needed gap is exactly what Mark followed through on.

In under two years he was able to develop direct relationships with the likes of Warwick, Sadowski, Dingwall, Spector and Sandberg and kick off bass north in total style and serve Canadian bass connoisseur’s and addicts as well as others around the world through the power of the internet.

Combine this with the long-lost art of a kind of personal service and attention that is based on personal appointments only, where you can get to play and try anything you want in a personal womb like environment letting you get to really understand and savour the finer aspects of your bass dreams and desires, well welcome to Mark Smith and the humble way he sees this going down.

Whether it’s by appointment, on the phone or through email the vibe and format is the same, a really nice guy with the best pre and after sales and maintenance service that I have rarely seen since I’m a child.

I invite you to check out this inspiring and informative spotlight interview about a really cool guy who will go beyond the norm to make sure you are happy, and inspire your creativity and playability in the process 

it’s also a great story in how to follow through and do something you’ve always wanted to do and actually make it happen.

You can check and reach out to Mark Smith at BassNorth at or give him a call or text at 519-617-3275

I thank you guys for hanging out and checking out the worlds coolest online Bass Musician Magazine and wish you a beautiful day or evening.


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