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Review: PreSonus AudioBox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile Audio Interface

PreSonus AudioBox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile Audio Interface…

They say great things come in small packages, well PreSonus nailed that expression with the PreSonus AudioBox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile Audio Interface!

Review: PreSonus AudioBox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile Audio Interface

Small but mighty, as well as lightweight and will fit in the palm of your hand, and when connected  to my MAC Laptop, it was automatically recognized and I didn’t need to install any drivers.

First things first! How does it sound! Well, I was on a trip and I brought the AudioBox GO along with me to work on a few things. Compact? Yes! Easy to install? Yes! Sound great? Yes! Works with any DAW or application that requires audio? Yes!

The AudioBox GO is USB powered, features include two inputs, which one for instruments, and the other is for mic/line input which also provides a balanced XLR connector with phantom power supplied if needed. Input 1 is a combo type balanced connector, meaning that a 1/4” or XLR input.

The microphone preamp for input 1 has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, gain control from 0 dB to +50 dB and max input level of +10 dBu. Input 2 has a 1/4” unbalanced female connector with an and input impedance of 750kilohm, max input level at +13dB and a gain control range of 0 dB to +50 dB. There are two line outputs and both are 1/4” TRS balanced female with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Review: PreSonus AudioBox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile Audio Interface

The headphone output, which I have been using on this trip is XLR balanced female with a maximum output of 30mW per channel at a 60 ohm load.

It pushes crystal clear audio through the headphones with no distortion and plenty of volume as I had no issues hearing my project in the DAW.

As my travel winds down, I will be using it even further when I get home putting the inputs through their paces.

Speaking of which, the AudioBox GO is great at home too. I was able to use it with a condenser mic, which needs phantom power, for some vocal work. The 48V phantom power selector works just as it does in the big studios and I was also able to lay down a basic guitar track on input 2. Want to hook it up to studio monitors and not use the headphones? Well you can do that as well with the balanced line outs and control the output to your studio monitors with the Main volume control while recording the vocal and an instrument at the same time or even 2 instruments at the same time on different tracks, just make sure you choose the correct inputs within your DAW.

The PreSonus AudioBox GO Ultra-Compact Mobile Audio Interface also comes with Studio One and the StudioMagic Software Suite.

The AudioBox GO is great for any home/studio, check it out at a PreSonus music retailer near you!

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