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Interview With RATT Bassist Juan Croucier

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Interview With RATT Bassist Juan Croucier

RATT Bassist Juan Croucier…

For those of us that were teens back in the 70’s and 80’s, iconic rock bands like RATT were the standards of a dream existence come true. Songs like “Round and Round” were often playing on our radios and visually came to life for us in a video format on an emerging TV channel called MTV.

RATT – Round And Round (Official Music Video)

We all thought that these musicians “had it made” but had no idea of how much hard work and dedication went into their success.

Fast forward many decades ahead and now we are being treated to a newly released five-album box set (loaded with additional goodies) of RATTs music while they were at Atlantic Records.

Now, the perfect person to talk to about all this is the band’s bassist, Juan Croucier. Join me as we look back at Juan’s and RATT’s musical journey, details about the box set, his recording studio, current projects, and plans for the future.

Here is Juan Croucier…

Photo: James Pappaconstantine

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  2. No Body Rides for Free: 
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