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New Gear: Aguilar Amplification Introduces SL 110 Speaker Cabinet

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New Gear: Aguilar Amplification Introduces SL 110 Speaker Cabinet

Aguilar Amplification Introduces the Innovative SL 110 Speaker Cabinet: Modern Performance, Classic Design.

Aguilar Amplification, an industry leader in crafting high-quality bass gear, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest design: the SL 110 speaker cabinet. Drawing from a legacy of inspiring sound, design, and performance, the SL 110 redefines expectations for compact bass cabinets.

Weighing in at a mere 23 lbs., the SL 110 holds the title as the most streamlined and portable cabinet in Aguilar’s lineup. But don’t be fooled by its size. It’s a powerhouse of sound that delivers focused low end, a balanced, rich midrange, and a smooth top end perfect for upright and electric bassists alike. Its unique extended depth and cabinet design provides a deep low-end extension that is often missing in many small cabinet designs.

Crafted for the modern bass player, the SL 110 effortlessly balances performance and practicality. Its hybrid design harmoniously blends the light-weight attributes of the SL series with Aguilar’s custom-engineered DB ceramic 10-inch driver, producing a sonic experience that bucks its compact size. Ensuring that bassists no longer have to compromise between sound and portability. “We envisioned a bass rig that could not only serve as an inspiring and practical rig for musicians at home but also one that seamlessly transitioned to a live setting, offering the same performance that our customers have come to expect from Aguilar,” remarks Jordan Cortese, Aguilar Brand Manager. 

Additionally, style and aesthetics are at the forefront, with the SL 110 available in three classic colors: Black, Chocolate Brown, and Fawn. Performance that captures the ear, and a classic appearance that captures the eye. Ideal for rehearsals, intimate gigs, and personal practice sessions, the SL 110 is set to be the must-have equipment for bass players who demand uncompromising sound without the weight or bulk.

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