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Nathan East DVD: The Business Of Bass

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Nathan East DVD: The Business Of Bass

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, taking on the responsibility of the business side of your artistic quest is paramount. Each artist I’ve interviewed so far has acknowledged, and more or less confirmed the importance of that statement. What could be more fitting than a DVD on the “Business Of Bass” put together by one of the most in-demand and successful artists out there, Nathan East. Most of the dialogue so far on the “business” end that has been discussed here at BMM has centered predominantly around the “what to do with your CD now that it’s done, and how do I get out there to promote it” mode—-definitely a couple of subjects that need to be addressed. Nathan on this DVD presents yet more food for thought on alternative aspects of what “taking care of business” encompasses, beyond the challenges of the CD afterlife.

One of his focal points is discussing the importance of “musicianship” beyond your technical abilities in a working atmosphere, another serious part of this quest to understand the business of how to help promote individual success in this industry. Beyond musicianship, and in that same mode, he presents concepts such as the impact of having a professional attitude in any musical situation, understanding the dynamics of playing in the studio compared to a live performance, the advantages of being (musically) well rounded, his thoughts on how to approach creating the perfect “feel” for any situation (definitely one of this mans fortes), and what the difference is between an “A” and a “B” player—-this is good stuff!

If that’s not enough, throw in commentary by such artists as Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton, Quincy Jones, and David Sancious on what in their opinion makes a great bass player, as well as Nathan and drummer Harvey Mason discussing the importance of the communication between bassist and drummer and how the rhythm section dialogue totally creates the foundation for the music, and you have kind of a no-brainer as far as the benefits of picking up this DVD.

Icing on the cake comes in the form of watching Nathan perform with his long time musical entourage Fourplay, featuring Bob James, Larry Carlton, and Harvey Mason. Even if the genre they embrace and handle so well is not one that you are familiar with, or are involved in, how “in sync” they are as players will be apparent to even the most casual listener, not to mention hearing some great performances by everyone involved. I fully recommend checking out this DVD. For more information visit

Jake Kot—Editor

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