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Nathan East (with Fourplay) | “Fourplay X” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Nathan East (with Fourplay)

“Fourplay X” or

The band “Fourplay” (Bob James, Nathan East, Larry Carlton, Harvey Mason) have been King’s of the smooth jazz scene as long as it has existed with a career spanning 15 years and 10 albums releases.  In fact, many credit Fourplay with the birth of smooth-jazz.

This album is expertly assembled and recorded.  The production is top notch.  The playing is precise and unpretentious.  Nathan is a joy to listen to as his pocket is so deep, yet restrained.  East seems a master of making the track really happen while not playing in a way that really makes his presence overwhelming.  (As one who has recorded on a few “smooth” albums myself, I can attest to just how deceptively difficult it is to make a track really groove and feel good without overplaying!)  Special guests include Michael McDonald for the tune “My Love’s Leavin'” and (Larry Carlton’s wife) Michele Pillar Carlton (3 time Grammy-nominated christian vocalist).  If you like your jazz smooth and your listening easy, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Top notch players and writers who defined a genre doing what they do best!

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