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Christian McBride | “Day Trip” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Christian McBride | “Day Trip” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Christian McBride
(Pat Metheny, Christian McBride & Antonio Sanchez)
“Day Trip”

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OK, I’ll write more than that..  But, I really don’t need to.  Just buy it.  It’s fantastic!

Very much a “jazz trio session” and the playing is as good as it gets in the genre (but, what did you expect from these guys, really?!).  First, you may not like everything Metheny has done in his long and amazing career, but the level at which he operates is just never up for discussion.  He is top notch always.  Antonio Sanchez is one of those guys you just have to see to believe.  Technically, he can rival anything thrown at him, but his musicality is really what stands out to me.  Wonderful feel and ride work.  Now….it is the BASS musician magazine, so here we go.

Christian McBride is just a force of nature.  He can swing like Ray Brown, groove like Bootsy, finger-style it like Jaco and solo like Brecker.  I am a big fan of CM and this is no different.  His playing is at once soulful and powerful.  His soloing chops are just on fire, but his phrasing is so well developed and his note choices are wonderful.  He never fluffs his way through a solo chorus.  He is a player unto his own.

Everyone shines equally bright here and now that Pat has brought together this combination of these three masters, I now have another (long awaited) awe inspiring guitar trio album I can listen to for years to come.

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