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Drew Gress | “The Irrational Numbers” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Drew Gress

“The Irrational Numbers”

This is what Jazz sounds like!  No, not “ding, dinka ding” jazz, but more like “….YEAH….  listen to THAT!” Jazz. Drew Gress (along with Tim Berne (alto), Tom Rainey (drms), Craig Taborn (pno) & Ralph Alessi (trmpt)) has always struck me as a strong and important voice in modern jazz.  This album is definitely taking one more step in the right direction.  The group interplay and dynamics are top tier (once again).  The writing is wonderful and the musicianship couldn’t be any stronger.  I’m loving this album!

I’ve got nothing more to say.  Dig it !

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