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E_L_B (Peter Erskine, Nguyen Le, Michel Benita) | “Dream Flight”


E_L_B (Peter Erskine, Nguyen Le, Michel Benita)
“Dream Flight” • •

7 Years since E_L_B’s last release, I was very excited to receive this disc.  These three are widely considered masters of their instruments but, more importantly, I consider each one of these guys to also be visionaries & extremely artistically driven players.  This is not dinner jazz.  Peter Erskine, Nguyen Le and Michel Benita (as well as Stephane Guillaume, who guests on a few tracks) each seem to approach the music with the intent of both playing in service to the music while also pushing the boundaries and limits of it.  There is a wonderful balance of space, intensity, blowing and groove here.  I can’t recommend this CD enough (especially to those who are unfamiliar with the works of any of these musicians).  The recording came at the end of a tour and you can tell these guys are having fun with this wonderful music.  In short, this is one of the coolest listens I’ve had in a while and I’d recommend this to any lover of music.

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