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Rinsethealgorithm (Rich Brown) | “Locutions”


Rinsethealgorithm (Rich Brown)

Those who know me know that Toronto based Rich Brown is among my all-time favorite electric bassists (and humans).  One of Canada’s busiest side-men, Rich also spent some years with NYC’s Steve Coleman as well as  Andy Milne’s amazing band, “Dapp Theory”.  Rich also plays in the Multi-ethnic and eclectic Autorickshaw (VERY cool band as well…  check em’ out!).Some months ago Rich sent me a link to download a recording of a show with “his new band”, called Rinsethealgorithm (spell THAT five times fast!) and I was totally blown away.  I immediately started to bug him about a real CD release.  When I got the word that it happened and one was coming my way, I just couldn’t wait to get that sucker!  That being said, here’s my honest opinion:

Buy this album!  It’s available at now and will soon be available most everywhere.
Rich’s got the tone we all wish for…  His Ken Lawrence 6-string sings here (although I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Rich play my bass and, yeah, it still sounded JUST like Rich Brown).  I’ve long admired Rich for a few reasons.  His pocket is DEEP, his solos are infinitely more interesting and ear-perking than most and he plays from the heart.  Pure soul in this guys fingers…

Now, I’ve got to add his compositions to my list.  The songs here are very interesting and the band is killing.  I can definitely hear the years with Coleman and Milne in there, but he’s got an approach all his own and, I’d argue, managed to take what is so cool about those bands and make it more listen-able and appealing.  This CD also features a wealth of talent from guys you may not have heard of yet, but if there’s any fairness in the world, should all be household names in the future.  Larnell Lewis is a ridiculously talented drummer and I’m going to be keeping my eye out for him…  I’ve GOT to see this guy play in person.  Cuban born David Virelles is just a phenomenal  keyboardist and plays FAR beyond his years (just 25yo!).  Robi Botos also plays keys on here and is equally killin’ it!  Also, saxophonist Luis Deniz lends his wonderful ears and tone to top it off.  beautiful playing by all.

Special mention goes out to Yvette Tollar who has the voice of an angel and lends some beautiful and haunting vocals to the mix on a few tracks.

This is jazz taken to a new place (yet respecting the history of jazz as dance music!).  These are master improvisors playing within and out of some deep grooves with ear perking twists and turns, but always putting the music first.  This is my kind of band!

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