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Take 6 | “The Standard”

Take 6
“The Standard”

I have to preface this review with the fact that I’m VERY picky when it comes to vocal jazz.  It has to be of another plane of quality for me to sit down and listen to an album on my own time.  In the past, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross has been one of the only groups to capture my attention more than once (Jon Hendricks makes an appearance on this disc!  How cool is that?).  Because of that, I’m realizing that I’ve been remiss in my exploration of the genre and I fear that I may have been missing some very cool stuff.  That being said, I’m kicking myself for not checking these guys out earlier!!  I’ve never heard such talent, beautiful expression & pure musicality coming from nothing but the human voice.  We’ve all heard the name “Take6” but if you haven’t given them their due respect and given them a listen, do it!  Truly inspiring vocal work and a nice range of music ranging from Marvin Gaye, to Miles Davis to Gershwin.

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