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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine : Marc Copeland with Drew Gress & Bill Stewart | “Night Whispers”

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Marc Copeland with Drew Gress & Bill Stewart
“Night Whispers”

NY pianist Marc Copeland has done it again.  This disc is the New York Trio Recordings series Vol. 3.  (See Vol’s 1 & 2 for more of Marc with Gary Peacock, Bill Stewart and Paul Motion).

You don’t hear jazz musicians operating at this caliber in your local jazz club very often (unless you live in NYC, of course).  This music displays the sensitivity of Bill Evans Trio and is every bit as masterful in approach. (or, for another comparison, a personal favorite which many are not familiar with in the US with John Taylor, Palle Danielson and Peter Erskine).

I cannot say enough here about the musicianship captured on this recording.  Drew Gress is world class and a supremely interesting bass player, Bill Stewart is operating at the level we’ve come to expect but is nonetheless always thrilling to behold and Marc Copeland is just an astonishingly talented player and a musician in every sense of the word.  This trio is endlessly creative and original and should be listened to from beginning to end at least once (preferably with head phones on and fully relaxed…  pay attention and take it in).  This music doesn’t hit you over the head, but rather asks politely to be invited in.  And if you do, you will be blown away.

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