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Jimmy Greene | “Mission Statement” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Jimmy Greene | “Mission Statement” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Jimmy Greene
“Mission Statement”

I was familiar with Jimmy Greene from my familiarity (obsession) with Avishai Cohen’s music (Jimmy was a wonderful contributer to Avishai’s band in the 90’s. Avishai is also given credit as one of the executive producers on this recording). I have to say that this is the best Jimmy Greene I’ve heard yet! Not just his playing (which is masterful), but his compositions and the overall vibe of the album really draws you in. This CD is a supremely musical statement (Mission Statement, if you will… couldn’t help it).

The band is just about as good as it gets, as well… Reuben Rogers supports the band on bass with a warm and supportive upright tone and a perfect time-feel, Eric Harland on drums is always a treat to listen to, Xavier Davis on Piano & Rhodes, Lage Lund on Guitar and Stefon Harris playing Vibes on Revelation. MAN… what a band!
Every time I’ve had this CD playing while musician friends are near, one or the other is guaranteed to ask what it is… It’s got style, depth, musicality and sound that makes you want to LISTEN. Just a killin’ release, Jimmy!

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