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Edmar Castaneda | “Entre Cuerdas” :Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Edmar Castaneda | “Entre Cuerdas” :Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Edmar Castaneda
“Entre Cuerdas”

You owe it to yourself to check this out! Period…

I first heard Edmar while channel surfing.. I came across a Jazz Festival being aired live on a Public Broadcasting channel (OPB). It was Paquito D’Rivera with a fairly large group. My old teacher, Oscar Stagnaro was playing bass and I couldn’t believe my lucky find on the TV. Then, suddenly, the camera panned left and this Harpist was given a solo. I honestly could NOT believe my ears. He was playing some amazing bass lines with one hand while soloing, strumming, drumming and snapping the most incredible (and beautiful) lines with the other. I felt as tho I had just been given a gift from above. Edmar is one of those rare talents who has taken his instrument and not only transcended it, but has truly opened the door to realms not yet considered with it. Having left Columbia and making quite a name for himself in NY, I have yet to find anyone who is not awe-struck by the beauty of his music and the elevation of his abilities.

This CD is a wonderful reflection of Edmar and his music (remember while listening and wondering who that killing bass player is… It’s Edmar!! and yes.. at the same time as he plays everything else). the band is just wonderful with Marshall Gilkes (trombone) and Dave Silliman (drms). (that’s the core of the group! Harp, Trombone and drums.. and you won’t believe what you hear.). Not to be left out, there are special guests on this release (John Scofield, Andrea Tierra, Joe Locke and the equally inspiring Samuel Torres on Cajon. You should really check Samuel Torres out, too! equally awe inspiring).

I cannot say enough about the music contained here. We are lucky and blessed to have the likes of Edmar Castaneda & Samuel Torres in this country and showing us what can REALLY be done when you put every ounce of your heart, soul and passion into your music.

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