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Kat Edmonson | “Take to the Sky” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Kat Edmonson | “Take to the Sky” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Kat Edmonson
“Take to the Sky”

I’ve had the pleasure of touring with Toronto based songwriter Kate Schutt here and there over the past few months (if you haven’t heard her music, you should check out It’s been a real treat!).
I tell you this because we’ve been sharing the bill with an Austin based singer named Kat Edmonson who has been blowing my mind consistently each and every night. Her vocal quality is unique and mesmerizing, her band is smoking and the arrangements are just wonderful. The CD features J.J. Johnson on drums, Eric Revis on bass, Kevin Lovejoy on piano (who is also responsible for the arrangements, I believe), John Ellis (hrns), Chris lovejoy (perc) and many more (I did say the band was smoking, right?!).

Although there is no original music here, this CD is as original in sound and concept as I’ve heard in quite some time. With compositions ranging from Gershwin to the Cure, the arrangements and grooves are what really make these tracks unique (that and Kat’s trance-enducing vocals). “Summertime” sounds like it could very well be a Radiohead cover, “Night and Day” sounds like an old Motown track and she sings John Lennon’s “Just Like Starting Over” with the class and style of Sinatra.

While a fairly mellow adventure, it is an adventure nonetheless.

Typically while I’m on the road and sharing a bill with another band, I find myself stepping outside to “empty my ears” for a bit before or after playing… Touring alongside Kat and her band, I have consistently found myself glued to my chair and loving every moment. Check her out!

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