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Jonathon Haffner | “Life on Wenesday” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Jonathon Haffner
“Life on Wenesday”

Saxophonist Jonathon Haffner has really recording an interesting album here! Featuring Wayne Krantz (gtr), Craig Taborn (keys), Elvind Opsvik (bs) and both Jochen Rueckert & Kenny Wolleson on drums (at the SAME time throughout!). This CD was produced by David Binney and they’ve done an incredible job of taking an interesting collection of players, challenging and slightly angular music, added TWO drummers to really play simultaneously and created both an incredibly intriguing and listenable album!.

The double drumming thing is really amazing me right now. Both of these guys are really going for it and it somehow is never cluttered… even amidst competing fills and bashing cymbals, there’s a singular voice and energy these guys have tapped into. I really feel for whoever mixed this thing, tho!

Everyone’s playing is wonderful and the music is exciting, (but never over the top), textural (but never too “artsy”) & very listen-able without being watered down. I’m very impressed!

Great band, great writing and a feat of engineering and mixing prowess, I’d say!

One comparison that came to mind is of Chris Potter’s Underground, and I have to admit… This has replaced “Ultrahang” in my rotation (at least for a bit ūüėČ

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