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Richard Bona | “Ten Shades of Blue” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Richard Bona
“Ten Shades of Blue”

I don’t know about you, but a new Richard Bona release never gets met with anything but excitement from my end. Ten Shades of Blue doesn’t disappoint. His previous release, “Bona Makes You Sweat” was particularly exciting because Bona and his band approach the live experience much differently than a studio album. There is a little more edge and, although no less refined, it’s never quite as smooth an experience musically speaking. Rather, it’s an edge of your seat “holy cow” (or the expletive of your choice) type of experience. For that, I am forever grateful for a taste of that on his previous release, however, one can never truly capture a live experience on disc and because of that, I am glad to get back to Bona’s studio magic.

As you’d expect, his tone is absolutely perfect, the vocal laden tracks are lush and angelic (I got a kick out of the opening track, “Take 1”. An obvious “Take6” inspired track but all done by Richard), the playing is outstanding, the mix pristine & the influence multi-continental.

If you’ve heard or been a fan of Bona’s previous studio releases, you know what to expect. Pure and beautiful music performed by a master of his craft.

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