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Steve Vai | “Where the Wild Things Are” – Bryan Beller (bs) : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

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Steve Vai
“Where the Wild Things Are” – Bryan Beller (bs)

Friggin’ Epic!

I couldn’t wait to see Bryan in action with someone like Steve Vai… and what better way than on a live DVD/CD set?? First off, the DVD is killing and it’s everything you’d expect from Steve Vai. Epic compositions performed with the utmost precision. Stylistically speaking, I haven’t listened to stuff like this in a while, but I must say that it got me pumped! The DVD is definitely the way to experience this stuff.. I may not listen to a lot of this on CD, but I absolutely LOVED watching the band and seeing the whole show (and invited a guitar player friend of mine to watch the concert together next week). The whole lineup is phenomenal (of course) and the show is over the top. Way too much fun!

Bryan does get a feature moment and, although brief, expertly displayed a world of groove, pocket and taste. Given only a handful of bars, many of us would try and fill them with everything we know to impress (ultimately, doing anything but impressing!) but Bryan laid down a crushing James Brown inspired groove and added just the right amount of flavor to truly leave you wanting more. Well done!

It’s Steve Vai.. what’s to write? If you have a spot in your heart, mind and ears for epic guitar-god rocking at the highest level, me thinks it don’t get much better than this.

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