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CD Review: “So To Speak” by Damian Erskine

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CD Review: “So To Speak” by Damian Erskine

Review by Editor, Jake Kot

Our fearless CD reviewer for BMM, Damian Erskine, just released his newest effort “So To Speak”, which I had the great pleasure (no surprise) to absorb, and review. This is an excellent second effort by a voice I’m sure will be out there in a much broader realm sooner than later. His compositional skills display a refreshing sense of adventure, which I also have a hard time categorizing (a major plus as far as I’m concerned). Slick latinesque/ jazzy/ funky/ you name it grooves run rampant throughout the disc with Damian meticulously (and colorfully) covering his responsibilities on the low end, only to be matched by some very dynamic and impressive improvisation when he steps out.

His ensemble counterparts on this CD, Melz, Embick, Mosley, and Trujillo musically and texturally compliment the charts keeping both the harmonic and rhythmic elements at a high and very musical level, with great solos to boot from everyone on hand. Added spice to some of the tracks was the horn section used “compositionally” in a most musical rather than clichéd way—a tough one to pull off.

I use this phraseology way to much, but I’m going there again…this is a 21st century in the best sense of the word (words) excursion…forward thinking compositions, as well as musicianship, brought to the forefront. I would highly suggest checking this out.

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Jake Kot

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