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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: David Binney | “Aliso”

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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: David Binney | “Aliso”

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David Binney



David Binney is, in case you didn’t know, a part of the NY elite.  He has played with just about everyone and plays in some of the hippest groups we may never be fortunate enough to see live in this country (unless you live in NY, that is!).  A true road-warrior and tireless composer and performer, Binney was able to squeeze in a session while everyone was in town briefly and this is the result.  Binney, along with Jacob Sacks, John Escreet, Eivand Opsvik, Wayne Krantz and Dan Weiss have brought us such an adventurous and intriguing album here, it’s scary to think of what these guys could do with a little preperation time!  In reality tho, that very well may be what gives this album the energy it has.  These are some of the most interesting and musical players active on the scene today.  Each with a unique and expressive voice on their respective instruments.  It is precisely here, hanging off the edge of the musical cliff and using their ears and instincts to guide them..this is where the magic comes from.

Binney’s compositions could seem a bit cerebral in lesser hands, but with guys like Krantz, the ever intriguing Dan Weiss on drums & the solid and masterful Opsvik on bass this collection of tunes (picked the night before the session!) come to life in a quite natural and heavily grooving way.

Personally, I was less familiar with Binney than I was the rest of his band, but I am now an official fan!  This music is right up my alley and is %100 killing!

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