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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Mark Weinstein | “Timbasa”

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Mark Weinstein



Mark Weinstein is amazing.  Initially making his mark as a trombonist in 1967 with his “Cuban Roots” by combing post-bebop and afro-cuban drumming while later helping to define Salsa trombone as a member of  Eddie Palmieri’s “La Perfecta” (check THAT stuff out, too!).  Mark played trombone with everyone from Chick Corea to Tito Puente.

Now playing concert, alto and bass flute, Mark has brought together some of the worlds best Cuban Latin Jazz musicians in a “celebration of rhythm and virtuosity”.  And man…  do they ever!

I was VERY excited to check this one out, as he’s hired a who’s who list of musicians that I’ve been obsessively watching on youtube over the past year.  One of my favorite new bassists, Panagiotis Andreou (who can also be heard on Marvin Diz’s album “Habla el Tambor” which I reviewed here), the amazing Pedrito Martinez, pianist Axel Tosca Laugart, Mauricio Herrera on drums & Ogduardo Diaz on bongos and bata.  Man this band SMOKES!!

There is nothing to say but Mark Weinstein is a master of two of the most difficult musical art forms.. Jazz and Afro-Cuban music and he has assembled a band that is not to be ignored..  some of the most awe-inspiring latin jazz masters of modern times.

If you have even an inkling of an affinity for this type of music, you’d be a fool not check this out!

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