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Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine: Robby Ameen | “Days in the Life”

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Robby Ameen

“Days in the Life”


For those of you who know who Robby Ameen is, you already know you should go buy this album now.  For the rest of you, although Lebanese in origin, Robby is an icon of the Afro-Cuban jazz scene in New York City.  From Dizzy Gillespie & Ruben Blades to Paul Simon, Robby has left a mark wherever he goes..  That in a city renown for it’s musicianship.. he’s just that good (He and Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez have recorded three albums together!).  He and Lincoln Goines (who is the bassist on this wonderful album) also made quite a splash with their co-written book, “Funkifying the Clave” (one of my favorite books which has sold over 400,000 copies to date).

What can I say? You have Robby Ameen, Lincoln Goines, Wayne Krantz, John Beasley (who I had the pleasure to play with once and he is one BAD dude) along with Richie Flores, Conrad Herwig & Brian Lynch.  Man, a band doesn’t get any better than that!  Robby did the majority of the writing as well and the tunes are totally happening.

Rhythmic mastery, wonderful tunes, world-class performances..  This is the best of the best coming together (many of whom have been playing together for most of their respective careers) and just plain showing us all how it’s done!  Check this one out!!

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