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Cecil McBee | “Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”

Cecil McBee “Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”

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Cecil McBee | “Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”

Cecil McBee | “Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”


Cecil McBee
“Saxophone Summit – Seraphic Light”For the first time since Michael Brecker’s all too early departure, Joe Lovano and Dave Liebman have reconvened the Saxophone Summit to pay homage to the also dearly missed John Coltrane.  In addition, Alice Coltrane had passed within days of Michael Brecker.  I would argue that, not since John Coltrane, has a saxophonist contributed so much heart, talent and pure passion to jazz music as Michael Brecker.  In my eyes, with the passing of Alice Coltrane and Michael Brecker, this group HAD to come back together to share with us their love & respect for these innovators.  Well deserved in every respect.  This time, we also have the pleasure of the stellar additions of Ravi Coltrane and Randy Brecker with Phil Marowitz (pno), Cecil McBee (bs) and Billy Hart (drms).  (Man…  nice band!)  I personally think Ravi and Randy to be especially thoughtful additions.  Never mind the fact that these guys are among the best in the world.  This project seems to have come full circle in a beautiful way.  OK, to the music….

While only a few tunes were written by John Coltrane, it is obvious that much thought and intention went into the compositions and arrangements for this project.  (Just as the lineup was carefully considered, each bringing a world of musical muscle and a wealth of sensitivity & class to the project).  The music is beautiful and dynamic.  Each voice is SO strong while the collective voice is singular and beautiful.  This band is playing a sound…  they managed to create a wonderful tone poem, in my opinion, with the collective intention of making beautiful music and a truly interactive experience, as you can’t help but feel the love and respect these musicians have brought to this project.

These are not just masters playing this song and that for this album.  There is magic in the air here.

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