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The Cover Sessions by Lee Rocker

The Cover Sessions by Lee Rocker – I really enjoy doing CD reviews because I get to listen to lots of very interesting music!

I started listening to Lee Rocker’s CD, The Cover Sessions, on my way to work and immediately noted the upbeat tempos, the solid bass groove (nothing too fancy) and the very recognizable tunes. I kind of get some kind of Elvis/Johnny Cash/ Soggy Bottom Boys feel from this way-too-short CD!

Anyway, I wanted to keep listening once I got to work and within the hour two co-workers stopped and asked, “Who is that guy?” I had to write down the name of the CD so they could go out and get it!

It turns out that Rocker made his mark singing and playing upright bass for “The Stray Cats”. Now, in addition to the Bass, Rocker plays tracks with additional acoustic instruments like the banjo, the mandolin, the autoharp, a ukulele, harmonicas and a lot more! Rocker’s band fills in the rest of the ensemble.

Here is the very recognizable set list direct from AM radio from the 70’s:

1. Come Together
2. Drivin’ My Life Away
3. Honky Cat
4. City of New Orleans
5. Come Dancing
6. Ramblin’ Man

All of these are done with a certain foot-tapping, thigh-slapping, and old-timey gusto that everybody that heard it liked!

Looking for a really fun CD? This one is worth a listen.

The Cover Sessions by Lee Rocker available at

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