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Stompblox Modular Pedalboards – Rethink Your Pedalboard


Stompblox Modular Pedalboards – Rethink Your Pedalboard

Stompblox Modular Pedalboard

It’s time to rethink your pedalboard with Stompblox Modular Pedalboards

Get a 10% when you use the code BMMAG at the online checkout! Thanks to Stompblox Modular Pedalboard for this gracious offer!

Years ago when I started on this slippery slope of effects use (and for those that use effects, you’re already nodding your head), I spent hours thinking about how to lay out my pedals for optimum tonal use, laying the patch cables just so, running the wiring from the power supply and then using zipties to lock everything in place. I would then take it to a gig, and in five minutes find a major oversight that would render my pedalboard in its current incarnation completely worthless. But what could I do? I was at the mercy of my pedalboard; it was either far too big for my current application (making me throw a couple loose effects into my gigbag) or it was too small (making me throw an additional effect into my gigbag along with my pedalboard). I had thought about building my own board that I could make bigger or smaller, but didn’t have the time to fully realize that. And sadly, there weren’t any manufactured options like that available.

That is, until now. My friends, the Stompblox Modular Pedalboard is here, and it’s fantastic. I had talked with Andy (the developer of Stompblox and a fellow bass player) since seeing this on the website last year, so was elated when a box with two of them arrived at my office. I immediately opened it up, took them out and laughed the laugh of a mad scientist.

Stompblox Modular Pedalboard Configurations

Two Stompblox Modular Pedalboards, offer two different configurations

First thing to note is that one of the Stompblox by itself is not very big; it measures a micro 12″ x 9″ at a slope that reaches 2″ at the back (but with the kickout feet, you can raise it to 3″ if you like). Like many pedalboards on the market, it is extremely tough and well made (and even a bit heavy for its size), but the magic in the Stompblox is the underside. There are a TON of anchor points which will allow you to fasten power cables, patch cables, etc.. underneath quickly and easily. And, remember those kickout feet I mentioned previously? If you utilize them, you can put one of the bigger power supplies under the board no problem. I don’t know if I’d ever use a Rocktron PowerTap underneath just one of the boards, but the fact that I have the OPTION to do so and not just rely on my Rocktron DC OnTap Universal Power Supply and daisy chain cable is a definite plus.

For me, just the one is a perfect size to carry my “must haves” that I use regularly at church. But for some others, one may not be enough. Thankfully, you can buy two and attach them together. That’s right, attach them; none of this “I’ll just put two boards next to each other and hope that they stay put.” You have two configurations available; a vertical (measuring 12″ x 18″) or horizontal (measuring 24″ x 9″) format. There are clips on each of the Stompblox that will let them lock together, and the attached thumb screws on the underside will allow you to screw them together for a more permanent solution.

Three Stompblox Modular Pedalboards

Three Stompblox boards start to open up many different configurations, to fit your needs

It’s at this point I need to mention that every Stompblox comes with its own modular carrying bag (which measures 12″ x 12″ square, with a front pouch that is roughly the same size). What does “modular carrying bag” mean exactly? The zipper (that is around the perimeter of the bag) can come apart. This allows you to take two bags and zip them together, much like you would zip two sleeping bags together. For those musicians that will keep two Stompblox boards together, you can rest easy knowing that your larger pedalboard has a gigbag. And for those, like me, that will use two boards when necessary but usually take one, you can still just use the bags separately.

Stompblox Modular Pedalboards are currently available direct with a street price of $59.99 each. The guys have also very graciously given us a 10% discount codeBMMAG – to use at checkout.

There are plans for the RISE (which I’m assuming is a riser) and the CAGE (a 4-5″ add on to allow you to use any sized power supply) in the near future, building upon the modular aspect of these boards. All in all, this is an ingenious, well thought out idea whose time has come. If you’re a musician that has different effect pedal needs based on the gig, someone that wants a board that can grow with them, or even a musician looking for the smallest board that can fit just the “must haves” for the gig, I highly recommend you check these out.

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