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For the Love of Bass Guitar – Steven Blasini

For the Love of Bass

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Steven Blasini

For the Love of Bass Guitar - Steven Blasini

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Steven Blasini…

Growing up in the 60’s I suppose I am just like every one else… influenced strongly by The Beatles. The very first song I “sang” and “danced” to (if you call what a 3 year old toddler does, “singing and dancing”), was “Eight Days a Week”. Rhythm was strong in my blood, I suppose from my Hispanic heritage, so drums and percussion were a natural for me.

For the Love of Bass Guitar - Steven Blasini-2Then came the Casio keyboard Era of the 80’s, where I composed and recorded multiple tracks by using two standard cassette decks and wiring R/L channels from deck one into the L jack of deck two. This gave me a maximum of about 7 layers before the noise and distortion compounded.

Then came the guitar years… musically I had been able to mostly satisfy my musical “gene”, but something was always missing.

It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I began to realize that whenever I hum a song, I chose the bassline.

So I asked my wife for a bass for my birthday and never looked back. The great Chris Squire was my main mentor thru all his recordings, as was McCartney, Wooten, Johnson and so many more.

I found my perfect sound with my second bass, an Epiphone Viola, with its rich tones and shorter scale… and after many iterations of strings, found my perfect sound and feel with Labella Beatle Bass flatwounds.

For the Love of Bass Guitar - Steven Blasini-3

I lucked out, not having too much money to spend on a high-end gigging amp, I happened upon a great sale on a Behringer 300 watt combo, with a great set of 2 individual channels and equalizer. After much experimentation with the settings I found my ideal tone, which is a great combination of Squire and McCartney and…..ahem.. Blasini. 😉

For the Love of Bass Guitar - Steven Blasini-4

You can hear my tone in the various concert videos I have on the Facebook page for one of my bands.

Thanks for letting me share this small summation of my Bass History!

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