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A Personal Message for Bass Players by Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett


A Personal Message for Bass Players by Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett

The June 2018 cover features a series of interviews with Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett…

Jonathan wrote this poem to honor bass players – in his own words…

Like as with “The Earth”,

“BASS” to Music, IS like the ‘Soil’ of the Ground!!!

“Fertile Foundations” to Build On

The “Garden Of ‘Beautiful’ Melodies” And Rhythms.

‘IN Rhythm’ with the “Foliage” of Blankets of “Chordal Pads”,

like ‘Fields’ in which to ‘Rest IT ALL’ upon

“Bass IS THE SOIL” Of ‘Blanket Layers’ in A Song. . .

That founds the underpinnings of “The Groove”!!!

 Such as “The Bass Drum IS”, to the Rest of “The Beat” Within 

And Of ‘The Groove’ in a song or a track!!!

Both “Bass” And “The Bass Drum” go “Hand IN Hand”

Or rather, “FOOT, AND HANDS” of The Bass sound, as a foundation in the music! 

Necessary for the ‘Grounding’ of a Great Song of music,

These ARE “The Underpinnings” of the Descriptive Nature of 

“Bass”, be it ‘Synth, Electric, Or Acoustic in nature, With  

 It’s partner “The Bass Drum” of the Kit!!!

As to the ‘Significance Factors’ Of, and In the Music!!!

“BEST FRIEND PARTNERS”, In the Garden’s Foundation in and OF A Song!

 THIS is in MY humble opinion,

What “Bass And Bass Drum patterns ‘Together In Relationship ‘mean to Me!!!

Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett

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Opening Photo, Char Rowse from Drumeo

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