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Ivan Hardy Officially Endorsed by Spector Basses

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Ivan Hardy Officially Endorsed by Spector Basses

Talented bassist, Ivan Hardy, ready to show the world “real music” as he becomes an officially endorsed Spector Bass artist.

Ivan Hardy is the current bass player for popular rock and soul band, Quantum Split, where he hopes to use his talent to redefine the music world for good.

Quantum Split performs original, thought-provoking music and songs.

The band consists of the lead singer and guitarist, Soleil Laurent, Adrian Read, the lead guitarist, Richard Chen, the drummer, and Ivan Hardy, the bass guitarist.

The band has performed in several shows including Kigali Festival 2015, Summer Stage 2016, and Harlem Creates Festival, treating fans to good music.

Ivan is looking to take the music world by storm with his creativity and ingenuity as he joins the list of bass players endorsed by Spector Bass.

Ivan Hardy has scaled through the music industry all his life as he started playing the bass guitar as a teenager, drawing inspiration from the Bamboozle Festival in 2009.

After performing with several bands for a couple of years, Ivan Hardy was privileged to see his idol on bass, Rex Brown, play live at an event.

Ivan noticed the bassist playing a Spector EuroLX TW bass and was determined to become an endorsee of Spector.

Spector Bass, otherwise known as Spector, is a leading manufacturer of basses, founded by the popular Stuart Spector in 1976. The guitar making company has grown to become a force to reckon with in the guitar world, endorsing several talented guitarists and provide a wide range of guitars for making beautiful sounds.

After several unending efforts and thanks to the help he got from his idol, Rex, who linked him up with PJ Rubal, the Vice President and director of artists’ relations for Spector. Before getting into Spector, Ivan’s Spector basses have always sounded better, outplaying any other bass he tried while being a longtime Musicman Stingray user.

More information about Ivan Hardy and his band, Quantum Split, can be found on the website. Quantum Split is also available across several social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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