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Freaking Out with Freekbass, January 2019 Issue – Part 2

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Freaking Out with Freekbass, January 2019 Issue – Part 2

Freaking Out with Freekbass Part 2…

It is very rare that you get to hear and see a conversation with two bass players who are passionate about clothes and music and seamlessly connect the two to create the one.

The layering of clothes and color is just like layering music tracks and vocals when you choose to look at it that way, and then everything becomes a creative possibility.

In Part 2 of this interview we will be discussing Freebass’s love of clothes and coordinating outfits. We also discuss how and where he shops as well as mixing and matching outfits. When you collect stuff you want to keep it organized… we talked about breaking down closet management and THE CLOTHES VS THE MUSIC.

I was also very excited when we connected on The Sex Pistols story; most people don’t know the impact and how ahead of its time that actually was.

The interview ends with a close up view and talk of the Freekbass Stonefield Double Neck Bass.


Thanks for watching and don’t forget to stay tuned for part 3 coming next week!

You guys funking rock!!!


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