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They Call Me Big New York

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Review: They Call Me Big New York

Review: They Call Me Big New York

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They Call Me Big New York, featuring Christian de Mesones on bass.

Are you in the mood for some sweet, upbeat smooth jazz? Bassist Christian De Mesones has assembled a talented collection of musicians and brings us a ten-song playlist (most of them his own compositions) that will raise your spirits.

The music weaves percussion, vocals, horns, keys, and strings into a rich tapestry that reminisces the socio-cultural make up of the Big Apple. As you would expect, there is a generous helping of Latin flare and Funk in that mixture that makes it tasty. Christian treats us to a fair amount of his solo playing, but he is the consummate keeper of the groove that will keep you tapping your toes the entire time you listen.

It could be a coincidence that I listened to this album on a Friday afternoon but it put me in the mood to get the weekend fun started. Let the good times roll!

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