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Interview with Bassist Denise Kaufman

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Interview with Bassist Denise Kaufman

Interview with Bassist Denise Kaufman

“Ace of Cups” Bassist Denise Kaufman…

Get to know Bassist Denise Kaufman… In the late sixties there was a major musical and cultural movement taking place in California that would shape music and our lives for decades to follow. In the middle of this scene, there was an all-female rock band named “Ace of Cups”, making a huge splash with Mary Gannon on bass. The band was busy and worked a lot for about four years until they decided to hang it up.

Fast forward fifty years and the band has reunited with then guitarist, now bassist Denise Kaufman holding down the low end. They have been recording up a storm with their debut album dropping a couple of years ago and a new one titled “Sing Your Dreamscoming out this October.

Meet Denise and learn about her journey, her gear and what lies ahead for “Ace Of Cups”.

Visit Denise Kaufman online at

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