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Review: Invisiblemann Vol. 14

Invisiblemann Vol. 14

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Review: Invisiblemann Vol. 14

Review: Invisiblemann Vol. 14

Bassist Kenny James – Invisiblemann Vol. 14…

If you are looking for some juicy Funk, you need not search any further than Invisiblemann Vol. 14. Bassist Kenny James lays down a tight groove that will make you tap your toes from start to end. The lyrics/spoken word are relevant to current times and make a serious statement. The end result is an entertaining musical treat with a message but with a lot of fun blended in.

The album is comprised of nine tracks with a nice variety to them. As you would expect, the foundation is Kenny’s solid bass playing but tunes really blossom when the horns, percussion, keys, and vocals kick in.  Kenny has brought in a great group of musicians to make this all happen.

Great funk like this always has a big helping of old school sound that makes you reflect back to times past.

Connected to this album release, Kenny is actually giving away one of the basses he played while recording it, along with some additional smaller prizes.

The First 100 people to pre-order are automatically entered for 2 chances to win the bass guitar giveaway of one of the bass guitars used on the recording of the album. The pre-order deadline is November 23, 2020. Prizes will be awarded on December 23rd, 2020.

As if that weren’t cool enough, a portion of the proceeds will be given to a local food bank.

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