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Review: Combinator, Eargoggle Fodder

Review: Combinator, Eargoggle Fodder


Review: Combinator, Eargoggle Fodder

Review: Combinator, Eargoggle Fodder

Combinator, Eargoggle Fodder with Sean Fairchild on Bass

Hitting hard and fast, Combinator, Eargoggle Fodder explodes out of the gate with the first track “Juggernaut” and goes strong throughout the entire album.

Sean Fairchild is an absolute beast on bass and lays it down with skill and without hesitation.

The superb bass playing is front and center throughout this album but is perfectly complemented by a small army of “Featured Musicians and Accomplices” who complete each of the ten original tracks.

You will definitely enjoy Sean pushing the envelope of what a bass can do both through his flawless technique and effect choices. There is a ton of great soloing in this project but a lot of juicy grooves as well.

The general genre is “Rock” but there are elements of so many musicalities that this is a progressive evolution of unique stature. The vocals are soulful in contrast to the electronic beats that drive the music into a futuristic vein. The way the music is arranged and assembled is something new and of a higher technical level. We most likely will hear a lot more of this approach to music in the near future due to these times of pandemic driven isolation.

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