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Review: Robert Harper, The Fonk Record

New Album: Robert Harper, The Fonk Record

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Review: Robert Harper, The Fonk Record

Review: Robert Harper, The Fonk Record

Bassist Robert Harper, The Fonk Record

Funk originated in the mid-’60s as a danceable blend of Soul, Jazz, and R&B. This musical genre snowballed in popularity and has a memorable list of musicians that flourished in this rich musical pool for decades.

Now in 2021, bassist Robert Harper and drummer Mark “Showtime” Brown do their part to not only keep the genre alive but bring a new contemporary spin to this classic style, with “The Fonk Record.”

This album has a great backstory, paying tribute to the late Wayman Tisdale, a former NBA star, and a smooth jazz bass guitarist. His album, of the same name, was a 12-year collaboration with Derek (DOA) Allen that was finished shortly before Wayman’s death to cancer in 2009 and released in 2010.

Funk is not only Robert’s passion but mission…

“Just like many musicians are preserving Jazz, Heavy Metal, and Classic Rock… I’m embracing and preserving the genre of funk music… someone has to do it.” Robert Harper

Harper’s “The Fonk Record” is comprised of seven original tunes (and a bonus track) which feature four special guests to add gusto to the musical mix. There is a solid bass groove, (driven by his custom Lairat Stega Pearl 5 bass), that is tied into a lot of very cool percussive elements. The tempos are driving and deliberate giving you something to funk out to.

If Funk is your thing, you should check this album out. Available on Amazon here

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