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New Album: Guenter Asbeck Debut Album “Evolve”

New Album: Guenter Asbeck Debut Album "Evolve"

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New Album: Guenter Asbeck Debut Album “Evolve”

New Album: Guenter Asbeck Debut Album “Evolve”

Guenter Asbeck Releases Debut Album “Evolve”…

Bassist, composer and producer Guenter Asbeck is proud to announce the March 15th release of his debut album “Evolve”.

“Evolve” features a lot of top musicians from Guenter Asbeck’s circuit, special guest vocalist Selina Albright, special guest saxophonist Will Donato both from the US, drummer Dirk Sengotta (with whom Guenter performed more than a 1000+ gigs together as one of the go-to rhythm sections in Germany), guitarists Chris Vega, Dennis Hormes (top session player and guitar hero in his own right), top notch keyboardists Marin Subasic and Daniel Sok, and many more.

The title track sets the tone for the lyrical direction of the 11 songs on the album. Asbeck didn’t have a bassplayer’s album in mind in particular, but to stay open minded stylistically and write songs he would love to hear on a new album himself.

The 11-track debut takes its inspiration from the goal of becoming a better person, to transport a good vibe, positive views, hope, diversity, and also deliver nice and melodic pop music to the world.

After being a succesfull sideman (bassplayer and singer) for over twenty years in the German and European music scene (playing live with the likes of James Blunt, Gloria Gaynor, Jennifer Rush, Nathan East, Gerald Veasley, Michael Manson, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Je? Lorber, the late Chuck Loeb, Paul Brown, Peter White and many others) Asbeck felt the need to go center stage and tell his musical stories himself. It ?nally took 5 years of preparation, songwriting and production work to ?nish the debut album.

For mixing, he got in contact with 5time Grammy award winning mixing legend Chris Lord Alge in Los Angeles (who mixed songs like “Living in America” for James Brown, “Unchain my Heart” for Joe Cocker, and lots of albums for Nickelback, Rick Spring?eld, Muse and Green Day) to get four tracks mixed (“Evolve”, “Love Under Open Air” and the two versions of “Only With You”). Three other tracks (“Make It Work Again”, “Where Are You Now” and “Where Do You Go From Here”) were mixed by Chris Bolster (who worked on the Beatles’ “Love” and “Anthology” projects and for Paul McCartney, Take That and many others) at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, UK on the TG analog mixing console the Beatles recorded their “Abbey Road”-album on in 1969.

“For me, the world is a better place with music you can dream and relax to, and even get a good vibe while listening. I would love to have the listener also see my music as a projection surface to their hopes and needs” says Asbeck.

Last December Guenter released the ?rst single beforehand called “Only With You – Radio Edit” with an accompanying lyric video:

The opener of the album, “Love Under Open Air” was composed by Asbeck for his wedding in 2005 with his wife Stefanie. The Beatles vibe is very obvious, and the track will also be the third single to be released later this year. “Only With You – Album Edit” is a powerful Rock/Pop song that underlines once more the unique feeling of love for someone special. “Evolve”, the title track shows a human being who wants to become a better version of himself/ferself and ?ts stylistically into the Rock/Pop genre. Very powerful vocals and bass/guitar/drum work.

“Where Do You Go From Here” tells the story of somebody who is the last to learn, that his wife is leaving him and is devastated at ?rst but rises to the occasion in the end.

The albums ballad “Don’t Give Up” (the second single with release date early April 2021) was written by Guenter and his songwriting partner Dennis LeGree in 2015, where the world was a di?erent place, and the goal was to give hope and understanding not to give up on yourself, no matter what you are going through at the moment. It ?ts in with the current times even more.

“Make It Work Again” is a funky song and also a duet written and sung by Guenter and Dennis LeGree with an outstanding saxophone solo by Will Donato.

“Meet John Doe” was inspired by the Hollywood movie from the fourties with the same name, and it tells a story about someone who forgets who he or she really is. The lyrics even come with a twist at the end.

“Slow Motion” is also a more poppy song with a decent hook to it. “Do You Remember When” shines with a great arrangement with orchestra and always changing instruments in every part. Nice one! “Where Are You Now” is the only song which is in a more sentimental mood and does re?ect more of a melancholic mood. The last song on the album is the single version of “Only With You”.

The album will be released on all digital streaming and download services worldwide on March 15th, 2021 (Günter’s birthday) and also on exclusive CD with deluxe 12page booklet on Amazon.

Album Cover Photo Copyright and Design by Gummel/Vonmaro 2021

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