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Cryptic Cadet, "Disconnected”, Featuring Tim Lefebvre

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Cryptic Cadet, “Disconnected”, Featuring Tim Lefebvre

Cryptic Cadet, “Disconnected”, Featuring Tim Lefebvre

Cryptic Cadet, “Disconnected”…

After a random meeting at a jam session hosted by a couple of music superstars whose names it would be considered gauche to drop, Owen and Tyler discovered a mutual love for hiding out in acoustically treated spaces, hunching over keyboards, and screaming obscenities at each other.

This naturally led to the pair producing a slew of albums for local artists and their ensuing constabulary which led to the consumption of unhealthy levels of Indian curry and heated discussions about accurate hi-pass filtering. All of which contributed to an underground notoriety that produced $10-15 a week inside income and an overbearing ennui about why one does what one does because one is who one is. Or is not.

What started out as the most brutal slap fight in the history of Las Vegas wound up being a collaboration that, for many local musicians, was the only topic worth discussing after the drugs had peaked and it was too late to get any more alcohol.

None of which have encouraged either of them to quit their night gigs with Cirque du Soleil or the Grammy-nominated Blues artist who respectively employ them.

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