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Review: Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Gardens Gate

Review: Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Gardens Gate


Review: Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Gardens Gate

Review: Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Gardens Gate

Greta Van Fleet, The Battle at Gardens Gate, featuring Sam Kiszka on bass…

The Battle at Gardens Gate is living proof that not only is Hard Rock alive and well but it is thriving and getting even better!

I often hear classic rock music being kept relevant by the seasoned old players that have been at it for decades, but Greta Van Fleet is young, strong, and doing such a great job that it compels us to make comparisons to the fabled bands of years past.

The key here is that they are not doing other people’s music, this is all them and they are really good at it.

The band is composed of the Kiszka brothers (Sam, Jake, and Josh), along with Danny Wagner. These four musicians have a huge sound and the arrangements are intricate with extraordinary musicality and depth.  The epic nature of the composition of this music paints a vivid picture of grandiose proportions.

Video: Cover Interview with Sam Kiszka

Josh has a powerful voice with an extraordinary range, tonality, and control that is perfect for this genre. Jake’s guitar work is precise and fluid on electric and acoustic. Danny’s drumming is the living heartbeat of the band and is impeccable. Sam doubles on bass and organ and makes extraordinary musical choices that are both lyrical and percussive in nature. His bass work has a wonderful intuitive nature that finds the right riff for each moment.

Altogether this group is performing at a superb level well beyond their years. They are indeed the real deal!

Listening to The Battle at Gardens Gate reminds me of everything I loved about Rock when I was growing up and inspired me to want to play music. It is the kind of album you will want to listen to over and over again. There is a nice balance of upbeat power tunes and slower, more gentle ballads that give us a good understanding of the emotional range the band is capable of.

If Rock is your thing, this album is for you. If it isn’t, check this out anyway, as you may change your mind and become a believer.

The Battle at Gardens Gate will be available on April 16, 2021

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