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New Album: Bassist Pablo Miniaci, Clona

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New Album: Bassist Pablo Miniaci, Clona

New Album: Bassist Pablo Miniaci, Clona

Bassist Pablo Miniaci, Clona…

Clona is the 4th release from Pablo Miniaci, virtuoso solo bass player from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Continuing the funk/jazz line of his previous work “Cuentos en casa” (2020), Clona delivers three powerful instrumental songs, original, dynamic, and loaded with melodies, with the bass as the central axis.

As in his previous works, Pablo Miniaci has played all the instruments (basses, guitars, keyboards, drums programming) and made the mixing, production, photography, artwork, and general editing.

The release has been done independently and self-managed and is now available on all platforms and digital stores (Spotify, Youtube, Deezer, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, etc…).

With more than 32 years of experience in various bands and many years dedicated to teaching and studying the electric bass, Pablo Miniaci has been releasing his solo works since 2017 (“Bajeando” in 2017; “Juego de niños” in 2019; “Cuentos en casa” in 2020; the compiled “Crónicas” in 2020 and now “Clona” in 2021).

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