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New Album: Mike Goodspeed, Oort Cloud

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New Album: Mike Goodspeed, Oort Cloud

New Album: Mike Goodspeed, Oort Cloud

Mike Goodspeed, Oort Cloud…

Sophomore release “Oort Cloud” expands on the musical ideas of debut EP “…Bass Fishing”.

Mike Goodspeed’s new release “Oort Cloud” is due out February 2022. It follows his 2021 quarantine-inspired offering “…Bass Fishing”.

Bassist Mike Goodspeed is a veteran of the Greater Boston music scene. He has performed with some of New England’s best-known rock, jazz and classical ensembles. Goodspeed’s eclectic musical influences thread through his inspiring new compositions. In the spirit of Mike’s “…Bass Fishing” release, “Oort Cloud” is entirely self-composed, performed and produced. Mike’s lyrical voice on acoustic and electric bass sing his compositional melodies throughout this recording.

“…Bass Fishing” is currently available on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, and is in rotation on the Amazing Radio jazz station.

From the rubbery double-thumbed thwack of “Broken Harness” to the creepy col legno of “In Deep Treble” to the straight-ahead swing of “Fool’s Gold”, there is music here for fans of all styles of bass playing. Fans of instrumental music will not come away disappointed.

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