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Toronto, Ontario, Canada's bassist Luke Vajsar is proud to announce his latest and fourteenth album called "Intermission."

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New Album: Bassist Luke Vajsar, Intermission

New Album: Bassist Luke Vajsar, Intermission

Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s bassist Luke Vajsar is proud to announce his latest and fourteenth album called “Intermission.”

This time it is a collaboration with his brother Andrew, who through the last two decades has helped develop the duo’s sound. This album features Vajsar Brother’s notable original loop style bass guitar playing approach with percussive sound atmospheric textures and features renowned vocalist Daniel Greaves (The Watchmen) and Rhonda Stakich on a couple of tracks. Steve Andrews who co-produced the album adds sublime guitar lines on almost all the tracks as well as studio sounds that elevate the music into a unique psychedelic experience. Album was mastered by Kristian Montano of Montano Mastering.

Aside from Vajsar Brother’s original melodic and atmospheric sound structures, genres such as funk, soul, jazz, psychedelic, rock and blues can be heard throughout the recording. Rogers TV has stated that the Vajsar Brothers are “One of the funkiest bands Toronto has to offer” and UK’s iBass Magazine stated the following of Luke’s playing that “having developed his own personal style Luke’s subliminal bass tones and his use of layered sounds certainly show the bass in a new light, with his often guitar-like playing style subtly guiding each composition.”

When not on the road, Vajsar Brothers regularly perform in Toronto and the surrounding area and hold a weekly residency at Motel Bar in the Parkdale neighborhood of Toronto:

Address: 1235 Queen St. W.
Showtime: 10:30 pm every Wednesday

The album is a tribute to their live shows at the venue and “Intermission” is to indicate the recent pause they had to take due to the pandemic.

Vajsar Brother’s Intermission album is now available on iTunes as well as Apple Music:

Visit the website and hear the album live here

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