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Album Review: Richard Ford, Basso Profondissimo 2

Album Review: Richard Ford, Basso Profondissimo 2

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Album Review: Richard Ford, Basso Profondissimo 2

Richard Ford, Basso Profondissimo 2

Richard Ford’s Basso Profondissimo 2 is an album totally conceived and played on bass.  Like its predecessor released back in 2019, this is a work of musical exploration and deep expression that is truly inspiring.

This collection of nine tracks features two that are entirely bass with the other seven bringing in a solid group of supporting musicians. Richard pushes the envelope of what an electric bass can deliver in a fashion that is both highly creative and fearless. He utilizes a plethora of tools that expand the instrument’s basic capacities and conveys a wide range of feelings and emotions. This is the kind of album you will want to sit down comfortably and allow yourself to go along with the musical journey. Even though the general vibe is relaxing and void of any “flashy” bass riffs there are moments that burst with edgier concepts.

This is a great choice for all the hardcore bass fans out there but has universal appeal to a broader audience. As a bass fan myself, I particularly enjoyed “Martinique” as it is a lovely solo bass piece that conveys depth and serenity. It is expertly executed and speaks out clearly in Richard’s musical voice.

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