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Interview With Bassist Norm Stockton

Interview With Bassist Norm Stockton…

This is an interview with Norm Stockton that is way overdue, seeing that we started working on it about eleven years ago! Now, the good news is that there are some very cool projects that Norm has been working on that you will want to hear about.

 Norm has an excellent new album, “Grooves and Sushi” (See our review) that goes hand-in-hand with an exciting, behind-the-scenes, video series by the same name. He has been very active with his educational efforts and has some more expansive changes coming to his web page.

Join me as we hear all about “Grooves and Sushi”, his music, gear collection, how he gets his sound, and his plans for the future.

Here is Norm Stockton!

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Visit online: (instructional site)

Photo, Lauren Stockton

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